IBC container foil mat heater
IBC container foil mat heater 118.00
OH-O-Top plastic can 220L
OH O Top plastic can 220L 200 lit 58.00

IBC container heating jacket

Technical specifications:
• integrated adjustable thermostat 0 to 90 ° C
• Adjustable release buckles for easy installation
• IP51 protection level

2000W at 230 V.

If there was water in the container, then the heating time for a 2x1000W tank would be + 15º C – + 50ºC within 48 hours.




IBC tank heating that covers the container as a casing. Particularly suitable for heating more viscous liquids such as oil, diesel, syrups, greases, lubricants, petrolatum, waxes, adhesives, etc., which need to be heated evenly throughout the container. If necessary, the heating of the container is divided into 1 – 3 zones equipped with a thermostat. Suitable for standard 1000L containers.

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