Intermediate bulk container IBC 1000l N
Intermediate bulk container IBC 1000l N
TH plastik vaat 220L 200 lit
TH plastic can 220L 200 lit (previously used) 40.00

Intermediate bulk container IBC 1000l O

You will find new containers with UN or FDA sertificate. Lids 150 or 225, different valves and adapters.

We can offer as washed a container and not washed. We offer wide assortiment of an IBC container.
Container for diesel
Container for dangerous products (with UN marking)
Container for watering water or rain water
Container for drink water
Container for foodstuff
Septic tanks (settlers)



Container on the plastic, metal or wooden pallets. All reservoirs with the working crane below, have a measuring scale and there is a wide cover from above.
Container have a metall framework.

Also we can offer adapters and various cranes (the spherical crane, the crane a butterfly, the crane with the valve) for IBC containers.

Weight 30 kg
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