Plastic drum 100 L
Plastic drum 100 L (used) 28.00
IBC Tank Container screwable 75mm DN50 Butterfly Valve
IBC Tank Container screwable 62mm DN40 Butterfly Valve 35.00

Plastic drum 125 L (used)

Height: 980 mm
Diameter: 480 mm
Volume: 125 L (max 150)
Colour: Blue
Material: HD polyethylene
Weight: 6,7 kg



Practical plastic drum suitable for storing food stuffs in both solid and liquid form, for example. The lid’s tension ring ensures that the lid seals tight against dirt and spills, while allowing simple opening and closing.

The drum is blow moulded in one piece, which makes the HDPE plastic resilient and durable. Perfect for transport and storage!

Barrels are used!

Weight 10 kg
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