UHP tank Kubaton Economy SG-100 (100L)
UHP tank Kubaton Economy SG-100 (100L) 95.00
UHP tank Kubaton Economy SG-300 (300L)
UHP tank Kubaton Economy SG-300 (300L)

UHP tank Kubaton Economy SG-200 (200L)

Capacity: 200 l
Length: 100 cm
Width: 48 cm
Height: 51 cm
Lid diameter: 22 cm
Wall thickness: 3,5 mm
Connection thread: ¾ in.

– High quality polyethylene
– Very high durability
– Resistant to critical temperatures (from -40°С to +60°С)
– Suitable for food storage
– UV-resistant



A rectangular polyethylene tank with a capacity of 200 liters differs from the SK-200 container in weight and size. The weight is lower and the price is lower. Suitable for storing various liquids, incl. rain and drinking water, diesel, chemicals. The SG series containers are easy to clean due to the wide opening.

The SG series tanks are stackable, making them easy to store. The strength of the container is ensured by stiffening ribs and the special shape of the product. There is a ¾” threaded hole at the bottom.

Attention! By default there is no top threaded hole. Installation is possible upon the client request (in its original state it is sealed with plastic).

The tank has the Polish hygienic certificate PZH, allowing the storage of drinking water.

Weight 10 kg
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